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We design, produce and deliver custom embedded solutions from scratch, resulting in cost-efficient production.

Doing more with less
Our team of experts specializes in identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in your products, enabling you to streamline your operations and maximize your ROI.
Economical & Ecological
We balance economy and ecology by optimizing component selection and minimizing software complexity. Our sustainable approach helps clients reduce costs and waste, while improving their product’s efficiency and environmental impact.
We are MAHD
The MAHD framework ensures that we are agile with hardware and product development. This gets your product to the market faster.
Transparency is key

Together we achieve excellence greatness perfection quality

At onEdge, we involve every stakeholder in the development process and value their input. We are an engineering focused company where you will have direct contact with our entire team.


With co-creation, you have a direct input throughout the development process, we can quickly incorporate your feedback because you will work closely with our own engineers. This ensures transparency throughout the entire process.


We offer our internal management tools to guide you through the follow-up of the whole development process. This allows you to monitor budgets and open tasks. Transparency guaranteed.

Your needs are our specialty

Our services

We create bespoke products to match your needs, from start to finish, including research, development, production, and technical testing.

Embedded firmware
Embedded software for embedded devices is the code and programs that are designed to run on these small computing devices. It must be highly optimized and efficient due to limited resources on embedded devices, and it is usually designed to be real-time, meaning it must respond quickly and accurately to external stimuli. The complexity of embedded software can vary from simple, single-purpose programs to complex, multi-threaded systems with many interacting components.
Embedded Hardware
Embedded hardware design is the process of creating electronic circuits and components for small computing devices like microcontrollers and sensors. It involves selecting and integrating components, designing circuits and boards, and optimizing for power consumption, size, and performance. Additionally, with the increasing demand for small, low-power devices, embedded hardware design has become an essential aspect of the development of modern technology.
IoT Platform Development
Simplify the management of your IoT devices and data with our IoT platform development services. Our team can help you set up and structure your own cloud-based platform, tailored to your specific needs. We can assist you with device management, data analytics, and remote device monitoring, providing you with real-time insights into your data. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you manage your IoT devices and data more effectively.
IoT Software Development
Control and interact with your IoT devices using our custom IoT software development services. Our team of experts can design, develop, and integrate software solutions that align with your business needs, helping you build reliable and scalable IoT solutions. From firmware development to cloud integration, we can help you get the most out of your IoT devices.
What is it
Embedded machine learning in hardware is a game-changing technology that enables real-time data processing and analysis. By integrating machine learning algorithms into hardware, devices can learn from user behavior, enhance security, and improve performance while reducing energy consumption. It’s a revolutionary technology that transforms how we interact with devices.
Limitations in processing power and memory, noisy data, and specialized skills can pose challenges to implementing embedded machine learning in hardware. Security and privacy concerns also need to be addressed. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in hardware design and machine learning can help overcome these challenges for our clients.
Ethical hardware hacking
Physical access to your devices can render your software security measures useless. Our ethical hardware hacking services can help you protect your systems and intellectual property from malicious actors. Learn how to safeguard your devices and clients with our expert team.